Rise of the Runelords

Gareth's Journal-Date Not Marked
Time to Regroup

Cleared out the tunnel network. One goblin. Problematic, as I was sure this was their hiding spot. Back to square one I suppose.

The shopgirl fainted in the middle of a battle again. I have determined to buy her some armor when we have a chance. If she’s going to tag along, I’d prefer she be able to at least remain conscious.

Fadelus seems jumpy in the tunnels. Claiming something keeps howling or barking at him. Poor guy has had waaay too much excitement. Better let him go read a book for a while.

Note: Maybe stop opening your big mouth. Idiot. Telling the whole damn town about the tunnels. And literally seconds after explaining to the others how we shouldn’t do that. Isa had to step in to calm the crowd.

Something bothers me though. I am pretty sure we killed one of the goblin tribe heroes down there. What was he doing all alone in a mostly deserted cave? And what were those mutant skeletons? Who is creating them? What purpose could they have? And Fadelus said he could sense some kind of protection magic on the whole place. It must hold some kind of significance to be protected, but it looks practically untouched in thousands of years. What in all of the heathen gods of trolls is going on here?

Gareth's Journal Marked Rova
Plan for Sandpoint

Uncovered a plan by Amieko’s brother to aid some succubus lady in a second, much more organized, attack on Sandpoint. With the militia gone, it was determined an attack at this time would be ideal, if they were actually watching the events of the town. Rather than sit on our asses and let the town burn, decided to do something about it.

Yana and Isa were able to get most of the townspeople into the cathedral, to avoid unnecessary casualties. Fadalus was able to inform the mayor, and rally some able bodied men to aid in the defense of the city. I was nearly arrested by the local militiamen left in charge (Note: have him court martialed when the sheriff returns), nearly pummeled by the innkeeper at the Hagfish (Note: STOP GOING THERE), but finally able to get the word spread to the southern end of the town.

Isa and I elected to check out an apparent smuggler’s tunnel underneath the glassworks. The tunnel leads directly out of the city, into a larger network of caves and tunnels underneath the nearby woods.

I was right. Lamashtu is at work here. There is some creepy ancient sanctuary in the cave network, guarded by some invisible Fae bitch. She got away before anyone could pin her to some cork board. Now we may really be in trouble.

This whole thing stinks though. Why would a Sandpoint native have such negative feelings about the little town? It’s not a perfect place, but it certainly doesn’t warrant complete destruction. And this succubus, this celestial child, what is her beef with everyone here? The priest adopted her for gods’ sakes.

I know I should pull up stakes and move elsewhere before this whole place comes crashing down on me, but I can’t justify leaving a whole town at the mercy of Lamashtu.
That’s what I am.

Gareth's Journal

Ameiko’s father is a right noble pain in the ass. He stormed into the Rusty Dragon this morning to shout at her about “Getting out of town” and “If she didn’t come along, she would be disinherited”. Someone ought to teach that guy a lesson.

Joined the Militia. Can’t hurt to get a decent paycheck while I am here.

Met with the local “goblin hunter”. Name escapes me…. Chichen Itza or something like that. Anyway, she claims the goblins never act like this, and that she can’t figure out what their end game was. Gave us a good rundown of the local clans and their activities. I wanted to go after them now, (seeing as I am sure the temple would prefer an answer sooner or later), but she persuaded (with my favorite technique), me to stay in town a couple of days, and provide some comfort to the locals.

…….. Ameiko has disappeared. The barmaid was frantic this morning. After rounding up the rest of the group of heroes, we followed the barmaid’s advice to the Kaijitsu Glassworks, where Ameiko apparently went the night before. In an effort to get into the glassworks, I think I upset Isa and Keiyanna. They didn’t care for my lockpicking skills. Didn’t feel like breaking the door down.

Ameiko’s father, the glassworkers, all dead. Goblin’s everywhere. Ameiko’s brother…. dead. I had kill him when he bolted, after chewing his tongue off, and nearly killing Ameiko. He had a journal on him.

That journal…. Pharasma Almighty, that journal. There aren’t words.

Gareth's Journal 24-26 Rova

24 Rova 4707
Gods I was hung over this morning. Note to self- slow down on that drinking. Information flowing as well as the liquor though, and I gleaned quite a bit of interesting facts on the area—and this weird troupe I seem to have myself in the company of.
- This Foxglove guy has a thing for the merchant girl. He’s not even bothering to hide it. Also, he’s married, rich, (remember… Alabaster District in Magnimar… that may come in handy later), and also apparently interested in adventuring. Got roped into hunting boars with him and these other three. He is, evidently, buying me a horse though. That might come in handy. Much faster exits on horses.
- The barkeep, Kaijitsu, her family is Noble! Also, it appears she hates them. Glassworks in the corner of town, the manor is across the peninsula along with a bunch of other noble households. Might be time for a stroll.
9:00 PM- Of note: Someone…. Or something… stole the body of the old priest from the cemetery. The tracks appear to be goblin in nature, but also… apparently a full grown person. (Longshanks, they call us). Attacked by two skeletons outside the crypt. What in Pharasma’s name is going on here?

25 Rova
Promised to get to the bottom of this missing religious official thing for the new priest. Really not okay with the idea of corpses up and walking around. Tracks trail off after a few miles outside of town. Was the goblin attack a distraction?
-Eating dinner at the inn after the boar hunt (Also, definitely ran into some creature called a fire cougar or something, cats should not be allowed to live in trees), our assistance was requested by a tearful woman and her children. The boy was being hassled by some creature in the closet of his room. Discovered their father, half eaten, in a hole in the closet. Captured and roughed up one disgusting, half crazed goblin, who refused to tell us anything. Dropped him off at the stable. To oblivion with the vermin. Was able to confirm the goblins were working with some human.
-Addendum-Never leave the shaman alone to break news to anyone.

26 Rova
Went to the college to discuss some things with the headmaster. He’s an odd duck. (Note: If anyone asks, your parents are definitely dead, also, someone stole your uncle’s corpse). His theories were essentially twofold. 1. Necromancy- which is apparently encompassing of things like resurrection and healing, since necromancy deals primarily in life forces. To what end with that though? 2. Some kind of lure, or sacrifice to another deity. Lamashtu maybe? There’s a being I would like not to tangle with.
-When is a lighthouse not a lighthouse?
-Everyone and their sister wants me to join the militia.
-There are definitely no patrols in this town. Militia might actually be a good idea. Who’s more trusted than a militiaman?

Gareth's Journal: 23 Rova, AR 4707

Sandpoint is a strangely quaint little town. Seems there is hardly a person unknown to all others. Decided to visit the Swallowtail Festival, not as if I have many other options at the moment.

Lots of buzz about some fellow named Lonjiku, who was supposed to be at the opening ceremonies. Some founder or something.

Plenty of shops, lots of activities. Of note: plenty of attractive women around. One ate lunch with me. Evidently, she is running a stall, selling ancient artifacts. They weren’t her interest, but I will make a note to circle round to that shop.

Note: Got reading from a woman offering them on the street. Demon lanterns, The Liar, and The Hidden Truth. What precisely are two chaotic evils and a lawful good doing together?

Apparently, there is a goblin problem in this town, as I met a stableman with an interesting proposition. Gold for goblin ears. Considering the coffers, I may have to pick up some goblin traps. Those exist, right? Traps for goblins? I think after the dedication I will head back to the Rusty Dragon and see if I can’t find a way to get my hands on some goblin ears.

Addendum: So… There is certainly a goblin problem. At least a score of the things attacked the… Priest? Prophet? Important figure at the dedication of the temple to Desna. Note to self, never leave the room without your bow and sword again. Killing Goblins with daggers is less enticing than it sounds. Silver lining, I now have at least a hefty reward in the form of goblin ears. It was comforting to note that I was not alone in attacking the monsters. One, clearly a local, was swinging an enormous sword at a pair of them, while a shopkeep pulled the official to safety behind the stage. Then the shopkeep fell a pair more, with some odd variety of magic? I’m not entirely certain even she knew what was happening. There was another man there too. Fadalus, he said his name was. Also a magic user, though at least marginally proficient with a sword.

Now on my way back to the inn, to sup, and speak to a man we saved from the horde. Might be able to squeeze some more information (and a reward) out of this gent.

Fadelus - Session 1

13th Rova 4707

After only being in Sandpoint for a few short weeks, I seemed to have been able to make a second home here. When I first arrived here in this sleepy town I knew it was the first page of a new story. Having grown up in the rough and crowded city of Magnimar, I was surprised to find the open and welcoming nature of Sandpoint’s inhabitants. I quickly found an inn where I could sleep during my stay. Unsure of where my journey would lead me and my talents to pursue it even less so, I felt disheartened, having exhausted the entirety of my plan to become an adventurer. I found solace in the inn’s proprietor, Ameiko Kaijitsu. A boisterous spirit and lover of stories, Ameiko and I quickly established a rapport. She was interested in the stories I could tell and I confided in her many of them, including my own. She reassured me that my first move was a sound one. There are many adventurers who have their start in Sandpoint and she was sure I would be able to find a group who could use another in their party. With a fine night of exchanging stories between us, Ameiko offered me a discounted room at the Rusty Dragon.

Throughout the few weeks I have spent among the towns people, I have learned a great deal. The people love to talk and gossip among themselves, making it very easy to learn about the area and local stories about monsters and legends. Although very interesting, I’m afraid I can only take these stories at face value as I can’t verify any of their details. If I hear any credible information on a place to begin my adventures, I will make sure to act quickly.

23rd Rova 4707

It seems a hand of fate has indeed led me to this town. There is now no longer a doubt in my mind that the spirits that led me here have guided me on a journey.

Today was the Swallowtail Festival here in Sandpoint, a feast day of Desna and a grand celebration for the town. I began the day as many of the others did, listening to the opening announcements and then taking part in the festivities. I took part in an archery game, winning a pie as the grand prize, and heard a about a local legend the game was based on. I also took in some of the local arts in the form of a local performing illusionist and talking to the theatre director about his upcoming production.

The merriment was shot lived, however, as the town was laid siege by a horde of goblins! They seemed to come out of nowhere and attacked the town square by the new cathedral, just as the butterflies were going to be released. Acting quickly and being fueled by what I can only imagine was a new adventurer’s spirit, I threw myself in front of the rushing goblins to try and protect the towns people. Others from the crowd joined me to help keep the advancing goblins back.

A dashing man with a talent for wielding knives, a woman wielding a massive great sword, and a merchant girl with some talent for the arcane arts became my fellow defenders. Together we slayed several goblins and saved the local priest’s life. Hearing other sounds of chaos, we gathered our courage once more and ran to meet with more goblins causing terror.

Near the side gate, we came across a man being attacked by another small group of goblins, one of whom looked to be their leader as he was riding a muscular dog as his mount. The man also had a dog who attempted to defend his master, but was dispatched by the goblin chief. We ran to the man’s aid and defeated his would-be murderers.

After rescuing him, the man introduced himself as Aldern Foxglove, and thanked us profusely for his rescue. After insuring he was alright, my party left Aldern and went to tend to the rest of the town. By this time the rest of the goblins had been either dispatched or driven away from the town. We all agreed to separate and tend to our own needs and those of the town and meet back up at the Rusty Dragon later that evening as Aldern said he wished to reward us for our bravery. I spent the next several hours tending to the needs of the towns folk and helping any way I could.

I learned that although the attack was quick and vicious, the local militia was still able to organize themselves to strike back against the goblin threat. Many people sought refuge in their homes during the attack as the militia fought, and thus there were only a few casualties and only a handful of major injuries. The town seems shaken up about the attack, but it seems it will recover.

I returned to the inn to process the day’s events over a good meal. I met with the others there and we were greeted as heroes to the town, having our praises sung and given thanks for our brave feats. Ameiko gave us all free meals as well as a week’s stay at the inn. We introduced ourselves formally to one another after meeting. The roguish man was named Gareth, the woman with the sword Isa, and the mage was named Kieyanna. I don’t know what meeting these three means, but I can’t help but feel a story, or perhaps a legend, is about to be told before us.

Tell Us the Tale
Yes, Tell Us

Along the coast of Varisian Bay, following the Lost Coast road north from Magnimar, in the shadow of an ancient lighthouse is the town of Sandpoint. This is where it all began.

The Late Unpleasantness, as the locals in Sandpoint refer to it, was a series of violent and tragic events which shook the normally peaceful coastal town in the year 4702 AR. It was quickly surpassed, however, by the events of the time; becoming a familiar footnote in a much more bloody and sad period. But from that time arose a group of heroes; their history was little known before the Swallowtail Festival dedication ceremony of the new Sandpoint Cathedral—but the legend of their activities after that date are well known.

Each of the heroes-to-be had their own reasons for visiting Sandpoint. It began with a happy coincidence as these strangers were to find themselves in the same town at the same time when they were most needed.

This, then is their tale.

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