Rise of the Runelords

Gareth's Journal

Ameiko’s father is a right noble pain in the ass. He stormed into the Rusty Dragon this morning to shout at her about “Getting out of town” and “If she didn’t come along, she would be disinherited”. Someone ought to teach that guy a lesson.

Joined the Militia. Can’t hurt to get a decent paycheck while I am here.

Met with the local “goblin hunter”. Name escapes me…. Chichen Itza or something like that. Anyway, she claims the goblins never act like this, and that she can’t figure out what their end game was. Gave us a good rundown of the local clans and their activities. I wanted to go after them now, (seeing as I am sure the temple would prefer an answer sooner or later), but she persuaded (with my favorite technique), me to stay in town a couple of days, and provide some comfort to the locals.

…….. Ameiko has disappeared. The barmaid was frantic this morning. After rounding up the rest of the group of heroes, we followed the barmaid’s advice to the Kaijitsu Glassworks, where Ameiko apparently went the night before. In an effort to get into the glassworks, I think I upset Isa and Keiyanna. They didn’t care for my lockpicking skills. Didn’t feel like breaking the door down.

Ameiko’s father, the glassworkers, all dead. Goblin’s everywhere. Ameiko’s brother…. dead. I had kill him when he bolted, after chewing his tongue off, and nearly killing Ameiko. He had a journal on him.

That journal…. Pharasma Almighty, that journal. There aren’t words.



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