Rise of the Runelords

Gareth's Journal 24-26 Rova

24 Rova 4707
Gods I was hung over this morning. Note to self- slow down on that drinking. Information flowing as well as the liquor though, and I gleaned quite a bit of interesting facts on the area—and this weird troupe I seem to have myself in the company of.
- This Foxglove guy has a thing for the merchant girl. He’s not even bothering to hide it. Also, he’s married, rich, (remember… Alabaster District in Magnimar… that may come in handy later), and also apparently interested in adventuring. Got roped into hunting boars with him and these other three. He is, evidently, buying me a horse though. That might come in handy. Much faster exits on horses.
- The barkeep, Kaijitsu, her family is Noble! Also, it appears she hates them. Glassworks in the corner of town, the manor is across the peninsula along with a bunch of other noble households. Might be time for a stroll.
9:00 PM- Of note: Someone…. Or something… stole the body of the old priest from the cemetery. The tracks appear to be goblin in nature, but also… apparently a full grown person. (Longshanks, they call us). Attacked by two skeletons outside the crypt. What in Pharasma’s name is going on here?

25 Rova
Promised to get to the bottom of this missing religious official thing for the new priest. Really not okay with the idea of corpses up and walking around. Tracks trail off after a few miles outside of town. Was the goblin attack a distraction?
-Eating dinner at the inn after the boar hunt (Also, definitely ran into some creature called a fire cougar or something, cats should not be allowed to live in trees), our assistance was requested by a tearful woman and her children. The boy was being hassled by some creature in the closet of his room. Discovered their father, half eaten, in a hole in the closet. Captured and roughed up one disgusting, half crazed goblin, who refused to tell us anything. Dropped him off at the stable. To oblivion with the vermin. Was able to confirm the goblins were working with some human.
-Addendum-Never leave the shaman alone to break news to anyone.

26 Rova
Went to the college to discuss some things with the headmaster. He’s an odd duck. (Note: If anyone asks, your parents are definitely dead, also, someone stole your uncle’s corpse). His theories were essentially twofold. 1. Necromancy- which is apparently encompassing of things like resurrection and healing, since necromancy deals primarily in life forces. To what end with that though? 2. Some kind of lure, or sacrifice to another deity. Lamashtu maybe? There’s a being I would like not to tangle with.
-When is a lighthouse not a lighthouse?
-Everyone and their sister wants me to join the militia.
-There are definitely no patrols in this town. Militia might actually be a good idea. Who’s more trusted than a militiaman?



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