Rise of the Runelords

Gareth's Journal-Date Not Marked

Time to Regroup

Cleared out the tunnel network. One goblin. Problematic, as I was sure this was their hiding spot. Back to square one I suppose.

The shopgirl fainted in the middle of a battle again. I have determined to buy her some armor when we have a chance. If she’s going to tag along, I’d prefer she be able to at least remain conscious.

Fadelus seems jumpy in the tunnels. Claiming something keeps howling or barking at him. Poor guy has had waaay too much excitement. Better let him go read a book for a while.

Note: Maybe stop opening your big mouth. Idiot. Telling the whole damn town about the tunnels. And literally seconds after explaining to the others how we shouldn’t do that. Isa had to step in to calm the crowd.

Something bothers me though. I am pretty sure we killed one of the goblin tribe heroes down there. What was he doing all alone in a mostly deserted cave? And what were those mutant skeletons? Who is creating them? What purpose could they have? And Fadelus said he could sense some kind of protection magic on the whole place. It must hold some kind of significance to be protected, but it looks practically untouched in thousands of years. What in all of the heathen gods of trolls is going on here?



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