Rise of the Runelords

Gareth's Journal Marked Rova

Plan for Sandpoint

Uncovered a plan by Amieko’s brother to aid some succubus lady in a second, much more organized, attack on Sandpoint. With the militia gone, it was determined an attack at this time would be ideal, if they were actually watching the events of the town. Rather than sit on our asses and let the town burn, decided to do something about it.

Yana and Isa were able to get most of the townspeople into the cathedral, to avoid unnecessary casualties. Fadalus was able to inform the mayor, and rally some able bodied men to aid in the defense of the city. I was nearly arrested by the local militiamen left in charge (Note: have him court martialed when the sheriff returns), nearly pummeled by the innkeeper at the Hagfish (Note: STOP GOING THERE), but finally able to get the word spread to the southern end of the town.

Isa and I elected to check out an apparent smuggler’s tunnel underneath the glassworks. The tunnel leads directly out of the city, into a larger network of caves and tunnels underneath the nearby woods.

I was right. Lamashtu is at work here. There is some creepy ancient sanctuary in the cave network, guarded by some invisible Fae bitch. She got away before anyone could pin her to some cork board. Now we may really be in trouble.

This whole thing stinks though. Why would a Sandpoint native have such negative feelings about the little town? It’s not a perfect place, but it certainly doesn’t warrant complete destruction. And this succubus, this celestial child, what is her beef with everyone here? The priest adopted her for gods’ sakes.

I know I should pull up stakes and move elsewhere before this whole place comes crashing down on me, but I can’t justify leaving a whole town at the mercy of Lamashtu.
That’s what I am.



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